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Tracy K. Heeren

Intuitive Reiki Master 

Spirit Guide Meduim 

Crystal Therapy Practitioner 

Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher

Dan Tobin

Akashic Records Consultant

Reiki Practitioner

Readings, Consultations and Classes

(905) 372-9688        


My name is Tracy and I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist and an Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher.

I have been practicing Reiki since 2002. I have been a Crystal Therapist since the summer of 2010, in 2011 became an Akashic Records Consultant, and in 2016, I became an Akashic Records Teacher. I provide treatments, classes and consultations.  In addition, I practice an intuitive Reiki where the client's guides send me messages to relay to the client.  This only occurs if and when the guides have a message and if the client is receptive and requests the use of this technique.   Also, I offer guide readings when requested as well as Tarot card readings.   

My name is Dan and I am a Akashic Records Consultant and Reiki Practitioner. I enjoy working with animals and will do home visits for pets. My speciality in the Records is delving into past lives and getting to the root of problems.



If you are interested, please contact us at the above phone number or email.

Our current rates are $75 for a session. 



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